Friday, May 1, 2009

Found my camera cord!!!

Here is pretty much every after Autumn's party, not including all the pictures before her party. I found my camera cord after 6 months, and I thought it was long gone forever lol!! I uploaded 362 pictures onto my computer:)
Here is my Aron when she was here visiting, LOVE YOU!
Autumn got that horse for christmas from my parents, and she is big enough now that she can get on and off it by her self, she she plays with is all the time :)

Cheesy smile, kinda blury.

I thought this was cute. Autumn always has a moring bottle, and she is always laying on Blink, every morning. It's so cute!

Posing for the camera!

Working on her walking! She is getting really good. We are so proud of our Autumn bottom!

You can't see but she has my phone in her hand. She is pretending that she is on the phone.

I <3 this picture!! Silly booga bean!

This is autumn holding her baby doll, that she got from my family fro Easter. You can't tell from the picture but she was rocking it back and forth to sleep. She kept saying "Nigh, Nigh beebee" (night night baby :)

This is my favorite picture ever! SO cute!!

Autumn loves the park!

her favorite part about the park is the swings. She gets so mad when you make her stop swinging!
Love this picture!

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