Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Bored

Look how crazy this is!!
Monthers Day 2008
Autumn one month old
Jose one month old

I cried when I started compairing the two Mothers Day's :)
I love my Booger Bean!

And now Monthers Day 2009
Don't mind Dustin, he got a bloddy nose lol

only a year later!

She is already frowing up too fast!

Cousin Jose a year later, such a big boy!!!

Autumn loves pushing him around, ha ha ha.
* get the pun? :) *

Some fun pictures I found.
Stef's last day at work back in April

But now it is almost time for her to get back.

I'm counting down the days, July 22nd

Friday, May 1, 2009

Found my camera cord!!!

Here is pretty much every after Autumn's party, not including all the pictures before her party. I found my camera cord after 6 months, and I thought it was long gone forever lol!! I uploaded 362 pictures onto my computer:)
Here is my Aron when she was here visiting, LOVE YOU!
Autumn got that horse for christmas from my parents, and she is big enough now that she can get on and off it by her self, she she plays with is all the time :)

Cheesy smile, kinda blury.

I thought this was cute. Autumn always has a moring bottle, and she is always laying on Blink, every morning. It's so cute!

Posing for the camera!

Working on her walking! She is getting really good. We are so proud of our Autumn bottom!

You can't see but she has my phone in her hand. She is pretending that she is on the phone.

I <3 this picture!! Silly booga bean!

This is autumn holding her baby doll, that she got from my family fro Easter. You can't tell from the picture but she was rocking it back and forth to sleep. She kept saying "Nigh, Nigh beebee" (night night baby :)

This is my favorite picture ever! SO cute!!

Autumn loves the park!

her favorite part about the park is the swings. She gets so mad when you make her stop swinging!
Love this picture!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I love these pictures of Autumn.
If you leave the drier door BARELY open, she will get in there and start pulling the clean laundry out onto the floor, playing with the lint, and occasionally, but very rarely, put the clothes back into the drier. :)

... Big fat cutie.

Autumn's First Birthday!!!

So April 18th, 2009 Autumn Jade Hervey turned ONE YEAR OLD!!
It was so much fun. We got the whole family together and my two best friends from high school came (i only got one picture of one of them though :( )

Here is My best friend, and Autumn's Aunt Cami (blonde, hiding), and Her sister Shanny.
Behind Cami is Grandma Egbert (in the white) watching Autumn, in the blue is Dustin's Aunt, Heather, and standing next to Heather (with her hand on her hip) is Dustin's other Aunt, Karidi (phew!).

Autumn smiling at Cami (she loves her auntie cami!!!).

It's my birthday!!

Autumn wants to see what is in the car seat. It was Austyn Anne!

Autumn playing with her daddy!

Skyler and his little girl Taya!

Heather, Skyler, Taya, Jack (Heather husband) and Luis (Karidi's Boyfriend).

Karidi holding Tanika (Heather and Jacks baby), Joe sitting by his wife, Kalli's feet, and Brandi, Dustin's youngest sister, with the pink pants.
(Now that you know almost everyone in Dustin's family... lol)

My family has a tradition that on a baby's first birthday they have to pick between a book, a dollar, and a bottle. It's kind of like fortune telling. If they pick a dollar, they will be rich. If they pick the book, they will be smart, and if they pick the bottle they will be a drunk.
we used an empty bottle of Jack Daniels for the bottle, and the whole time, our friend Darci was yelling, "Go for the Jack!!!" lol!

Here is Autun's Hollywood themed birthday cake, it turned everyone's mouth black!!!

Autumn's Individual cake with her candel in it.

She made a mess on me and my hands, but she did not want to be messy in her pretty dress.
It was so sad! She didn't want to get messy and when Dustin smashed her hand in the cake she started screaming!! lol. My clean little princess ha ha!

Autumn wouldn't let me give her any cake, she wanted to do it her self because she is a "big girl"

She would take bites, one finger at a time, to keep her self very tidy.

Everyone singing happy birthday, and Autumn waiting patiently to dive in!

Lighting the candel.

Below are all, well most of the decorations we got for the party.

Sign on the front door.

Present table.

Autumn's star on the walk of fame!

I loved the hanging hollywood decorations we got!!

The front enterance, with a red carpet to complete!

Sign in the lawn.

streamers and stars.

Our very own walk of fame!

Pictures of after the party, Grandma and Grandpa playing with Autumn.

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