Thursday, March 12, 2009


Autumn got her pictures done two weeks ago, and here are the results!
I like to call this one "Dr. Evil" :)

She was so serious the whole time! I mean, I think she is cute, but I think she smiled once, DANG IT!
And this is the one smile.

She was trying to walk away in this one.

And she is actually crying in this one... she had enough. Hates pictures, just like her dad!

Playing patty cake with Grandpa Jim.

And last but not least... Autumn being chubby and grumpy.... just standing there... doing what mom told her too. lol!
Look!! She is so chubby she has cankle-wrists!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Planned Purple Parade

Super Fantasic Girls From Work!
Angela, Me, Megan
(left to right)

So today there were at least 5 people who wore purple. Totaly not planned, but super awesome. Because I still can't find my stupid camera cord I had to steal this pic from Megan, THANKS MEG! I'LL RUB YOU!
A Day In the Life of Lindsay